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Dear CACSL blog users,

Allowing anyone to register has resulted in many spam user registrations, so we’ve decided to temporarily remove the “register” link at the bottom of our blog while we figure out an effective way to block the spam.

If you are new to CACSL and would like to be known to CACSL as part of our stable email network, please click “Contact” in the main menu of the blog to send us your real name and preferred username, and we will register you as soon as we have the opportunity to do so.

Registered users become part of our stable database of CACSL members and subscribers who receive weekly email digests of any new blog posts.  As a registered user, you can also stop receiving blog posts at any time by logging in (click “Log in” at the bottom of the blog) to change your settings.  If you ever forget your password, you can fix that by clicking “Lost your password?” on the login page.

If you want to be an anonymous public subscriber to weekly email digests of any recent posts, you can subscribe or unsubscribe at the bottom of our blog. However, since this method of subscription is anonymous, we won’t know your full name or affiliation, and your email may be at risk of deletion during a spam-cleanup in the future, especially if you use a hotmail or gmail address to subscribe.  Therefore, it’s preferable to become a registered user if you want to stay with us for a while.

We’ve also been having some technical issues with our weekly email digests, which we hope will resume soon.  In the mean time, please check our posts by browsing our blog directly or by visiting our Facebook page.

Thanks for your patience!

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