Knowledge Democracy: Who’s Knowledge Counts Free CUExpo 2013 Webinar
Knowledge Democracy: Who’s Knowledge Counts Free CUExpo 2013 Webinar avatar

Budd Hall Knowledge Democracy:

Whose Knowledge Counts?

 Guest Speaker: Budd Hall

UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education & Professor of Community Development at the University of Victoria

 March 7th, 2:30-4:00pm (Newfoundland Time) Webinar

 Community based research, engaged scholarship, social movement learning and more are all means to deepen and bring to life a more democratic engagement with knowledge.  Democracy is about more than engagement, more than citizenship, more than rallies and more than plugging us all into the global economic assembly line.  In an era which some people have described as one of the ‘feral rich’, an era when the ultra rich seem to have escaped and slipped the bounds of earth and become disconnected with the rest of us, we are examining or have a cause to examine all the tools of  meaning making at our disposal. Whose knowledge counts? How is knowledge created? What is the link between knowledge and justice and equality and what does this have to do with CU Expo, the colour of flowers in the spring and the meaning of a poet’s words?

Please bring your stories, your hopes and your passion to a conversation about knowledge and the world we want.

Please RSVP to Kim by March 4th


Phone: 709-649-4747 

 This session will be hosted online via Elluminate Live, allowing you to participate from your home or office. Information will be provided on how to join the meeting, following your RSVP.    

This webinar is part of a series of planned capacity-building events being offered by the Community-based Research Capacity Building Network, leading up to and beyond CUExpo 2013. For more information on the Network contact Kim Olson at:




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