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On February 4, 2013 Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement, a project co-lead by Carleton Univeristy and CACSL, launched by hosting a panel- “Putting our money where our mouths are: the federal budget and food insecurity.  The speakers provided me an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the issues relating to food insecurity in Canada.

Terry Audla,  President, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami delivered a key learning by the effective use of visual comparisons.  To advertise the event we had created a poster using vibrantly coloured vegetables.  Terry shared the poster had little meaning for him, and showed a poster that would speak to him of food.  From that I learned the deep importance of context and place in determining what constitutes food insecurity.   Thank you, Terry for a humourous and real lesson.  See the posters below:

The  original poster 13-019 conference poster Jan 29

The modified poster 20130130-EN-FINAL-Food Security and the Federal Budget Panel Discusion – ITK – Poster


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