CACSL Membership Supports CSL in Canada
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Why be a member of CACSL

The Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning supports you by

  • providing  leadership for the development and enhancement of Community Service-Learning in Canada,
  • connecting with international networks, and
  • promoting the benefits of CSL to universities, students, community organizations, and government.

CACSL advocates for the value of Community Service–Learning, encourages policy change to support CSL, and works to promote and support its further development in Canada   Member involvement though volunteering and paid membership is vital to the CACSL’s success.

In 2013 your membership contribution will support the growth and development of CSL in Canada through:

  • Implementation of the Community First: Impacts of  Community Engagement project
  • Offer webinars to follow up on interests identified by members
  • Launch a revised website with increased interactivity
  • Host a national  CSL symposium in conjunction with CUExpo, and start planning for CACSL2014  conference
  • Maintain CACSL’s  support for CSL practitioners
  • Encourage the  development of regional networks

Last year membership support enabled CACSL  to support the CSL community in numerous ways. In addition to maintaining a presence to offer advice and guidance to those new to CSL we:

  • Maintained of a  collaborative blog to connect the CSL community
  • Co-hosted a national conference May 2012 with the University of Saskatchewan.  Largest CSL to date in Canada. Largest  contingent of community partners.
  • Hosted first  McConnell CSL Awards ceremony at the conference
  • Partnered with  Carleton University in submitting a successful LOI to SSHRC resulting in  SSHRC Partnership Grant for Community First: Impacts of Community  Engagement.
  • Supported the Atlantic Region in development of a regional network.

Benefits of Membership

  • Active participation in the development and enhancement of CSL in Canada.
  • Connect with others in the CSL community committed to mobilizing the intellectual and human resources of universities and colleges to address urgent community issues in Canada and internationally.
  • Potential Author status for the CACSL blog and listing in the CACSL Speakers’ Bureau.
  • Share your knowledge and experience and learn from other CSL providers and participants.
  • Reduced rates on CACSL events and offerings

CACSL Membership 2013.

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CACSL Membership Supports CSL in Canada avatar

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