Call for Student Videos- The World We Imagine -GUNi 2013
Call for Student Videos- The World We Imagine -GUNi 2013 avatar

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Post your video- an exciting opportunity for higher education students around the  world to voice their visions on transformative knowledge in higher  education.

The videos will be presented at the Global University Network  for Innovation (GUNi)  6th International Barcelona >>Conference on Higher  Education, which will take place in 13-15 May >>2013,  and will be featured on  our Website (

Furthermore, a synthesis of all  contributions will be published in our upcoming report ³Higher Education in  the World 5².

We are living through a crisis of scale, a crisis that affects all systems  and that requires a new understanding of reality, a new conscience, and a  new way of organizing the collective in all areas, overcoming the undesired  effects of the old models. A positive transformation will depend on all of  the responses that we will be able to articulate in the present and near  future.

The of students is essential as themain protagonists of tomorrow. Thus, GUNi is giving you a unique opportunity  to bring your ideas to the higher education community.

Make a 2-3 minute  video interpreting the statement ³The World We Imagine². What world would  you like to live in? What tools can make your imagined world work? Share  with us your ideal future!

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Upload their videos to Youtube and send  the link to


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