Researcher Seeking Examples of Inspiring Community Campus Partnerships
Researcher Seeking Examples of Inspiring Community Campus Partnerships avatar

Dear colleagues, Universities are increasingly looking for partners outside of academia, most notably but not exclusively in the voluntary sector. I’m working with the University of Brighton on a research study that will be looking at community university partnerships. I’m interested in finding out how these partnerships work, how they generate mutual learning and what makes them resilient. I thought that some of you might have had experiences of working in such partnerships and might be interested to share some of your experiences. Right now, I’m looking for inspiring examples that:
  • ¬†Are partnerships/collaborations between a university or an academic affiliated with a university and a voluntary organisation, a local authority or members from the wider community
  • Include a mechanism by which people from both sides share knowledge and ideas (i.e. this could be a learning network, one-off or occasional knowledge sharing event – the important point is that this should be broader than just a one-on-one relationship, drawing in peers of each of the partners).
  • Have been operating for at least 6 months and are either still in progress or have concluded.
  • Go beyond a simple one-off transaction.
If you are interested, please email me at (with a cc to )with a few brief details about the partnership you are/were involved in. We could then explore whether it would be possible to include you in the study. It is envisaged that one person representing the university side and one person representing the community side will be interviewed. Interviews typically last up to 2 hours and can be scheduled at convenient times and places. The research findings will inform the creation of a learning resource for existing and aspiring partners, as well as form part of a broader ESRC-funded research project into the context for civic engagement (Inspire project). I look forward to hearing from you, Susanne Martikke, Researcher Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation ‘Supporting voluntary action in Greater Manchester since 1975′ Manchester, M12 6FZ