U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research, Director Position
U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research, Director Position avatar

U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research

Do you have leadership and research skills and a passion for Haliburton County?

This could be the job for you!

 U-Links is hiring a Director. The ideal candidate will have experience in both qualitative and quantitative research, financial management, grant writing, and human resource management. A good knowledge of Haliburton County and of post-secondary education is also an asset. This is a 4 day/week, permanent position with flexible hours.

For a full job description or to apply please contact:

Human Resources Committee

U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research

Box 655, Minden, ON K0M 2K0

Phone: 705-286-2411

Email: ulinks@on.aibn.com



Applications must be received by September 23, 2013.


U-Links is a project of the Haliburton County Community Co-operative



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Community Network for Research Equity and Impact: Coaching Conference Calls
Community Network for Research Equity and Impact: Coaching Conference Calls avatar

Forwarded from CCPH:

Since April, the Community Network for Research Equity & Impact has been sponsoring a monthly series of “coaching conference calls” to provide technical assistance to community partners who are anticipating or dealing with challenges in their research partnerships.  The final call in the series is Aug 26 from 4-5:30 pm ET.  Register online at http://bit.ly/1b7RP9s

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CCPH Call for Proposals Due Sept 30, 2013
CCPH Call for Proposals Due Sept 30, 2013 avatar

Passed along at the request of CCPH

Dear colleague,

We invite you to share your knowledge, wisdom and experience! Submit a proposal for a session or poster presentation at Community-Campus Partnerships for Health’s next conference, April 30-May 3, 2014 in Chicago, IL! The conference theme is “From Rhetoric to Reality: Achieving Authentic, Equitable & Transformative Partnerships.” Proposals are due September 30,

2013 for skill-building workshops, creative arts sessions, stories, roundtable discussions and posters that advance the conference theme and align with one or more of these conference topics:

• Communities as centers of learning, discovery and engagement • Authentically engaged institutions • Shared power and resources • Ethical policies and practices • Changing governmental and institutional policies and systems • Sustaining partnerships and their outcomes • Next generation leadership • Mobilizing knowledge for action

Whether you are directly involved in community-based participatory research, service-learning or multi-sector coalitions – or are working to ensure the conditions are in place for such partnerships to thrive and have impact – the conference is designed to challenge and inspire you! Regardless of the social justice issue you are passionate about – health equity, education, environmental justice, food security, sustainability, indigenous rights and so forth – together we will explore how partnerships can transform our communities and institutions.

For the full call for proposals, visit http://bit.ly/XYQayv



Concerned about the cost of attending? We are committed to keeping conference costs to a minimum and raising funds to support the full participation of community members, students and individuals from countries with emerging and developing economies. Details will be posted on our homepage at http://ccph.info as they become available.


We look forward to reviewing your proposal and seeing you at the CCPH conference in Chicago next spring!




The CCPH conference planning committee: http://bit.ly/17IacjB


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Reflections on CUExpo 2013– Anne- Marie Fischer
Reflections on CUExpo 2013– Anne- Marie Fischer avatar

Reflections on CU Expo 2013 – Corner Brook, Newfoundland (Memorial University)                                                                         

Created by: Anne-Marie E. Fischer, BA, M.Ed, CSL Coordinator, Western University

Having attended CU Expo 2011 in Waterloo, ON and having nothing short of a profound experience, I was excited and thrilled to attend and present at CU Expo 2013 in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

If anyone were to ask about my experience with CU Expo, I would describe as a “game changer” as far as the engagement I had with the field in which I worked. Not only did it open my eyes to the scholars of the field, new ideas to incorporate into my own practice, and a good understanding of national and international efforts around CSL, but also the sense of camaraderie among all the participants (faculty, practitioners and community partners alike) contributed to a tangible feeling of “we’re all in this together”. I was excited to be inspired yet again in 2013 like I was 2 years ago and the program of CU Expo 2013 surely did not disappoint.

The opening keynote session delivered by His Excellency the Right Honorable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, served as an important testament to the value of community engaged learning. He reminded us of the important role academic institutions have in contributing to communities, and how important it is to continuously break down the “walls” that divide us.

The concurrent sessions were creative, uplifting and inspiring, and an important reminder of how important it is for us to share our work across provinces, across the nation, and across the world, as all it takes is a glimmer of inspiration to make great things happen for our own institutions and communities.

Of particular learning for me was how different CSL is as it exists in Canada and the US. When I was giving my presentation about CSL at Western University, I faced some challenges from our US colleagues, who argued that “co-curricular CSL” does not exist and that the only way to stay true to the pedagogy of CSL is through academic/curricular programs. I (respectfully) begged to differ, arguing that among Canadian practitioners, we fully believe that the tenets of CSL can be applied to co-curricular initiatives, and it made me proud of my Canadian colleagues who continue to advocate for the importance of co-curricular CSL initiatives. I hope as a nation, we hold strong in this view.

I mentioned the camaraderie that occurs in CU Expo, and I fully believe that when we unite under this movement, all titles, designations, roles, and positions are removed. We come together as citizens of the world who are interested in making social change through education. Each stakeholder’s voice is represented at CU Expo, and no voice is heard louder than another. The closing activity asked three questions: “What can universities and colleges do to better partner with communities?” “What can communities do to better partner with universities and colleges”, and “What can communities, universities and colleges do together?” – this discussion underscored the dual role that both communities and academic institutions) hold in making community engaged learning come to fruition. We are all in this together!

I can hardly wait for CU Expo 2015!

Note:  CUExpo 2015 will be held in Ottawa hosted by Carleton University and community partners.


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Healthy Resilient Communities:CACSL 2014– Planning Underway
Healthy Resilient Communities:CACSL 2014– Planning Underway avatar

A quick note to let you know that there will be a CACSL 2014: Healthy Resilient Communities.  It will  likely be held in February or March 2014. We are in the process of finalizing a partnership with a national organization supporting local community organizations.

We are exploring potential venues and partners in either Ottawa or Vancouver.  If your institution or organization would like to join the partnership, or if you would like to participate in the planning of the conference  please contact geri@communityservicelearning.ca.


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Researcher Seeking Examples of Inspiring Community Campus Partnerships
Researcher Seeking Examples of Inspiring Community Campus Partnerships avatar

Dear colleagues,

Universities are increasingly looking for partners outside of academia, most notably but not exclusively in the voluntary sector.

I’m working with the University of Brighton on a research study that will be looking at community university partnerships. I’m interested in finding out how these partnerships work, how they generate mutual learning and what makes them resilient.

I thought that some of you might have had experiences of working in such partnerships and might be interested to share some of your experiences.

Right now, I’m looking for inspiring examples that:

  •  Are partnerships/collaborations between a university or an academic affiliated with a university and a voluntary organisation, a local authority or members from the wider community
  • Include a mechanism by which people from both sides share knowledge and ideas (i.e. this could be a learning network, one-off or occasional knowledge sharing event – the important point is that this should be broader than just a one-on-one relationship, drawing in peers of each of the partners).
  • Have been operating for at least 6 months and are either still in progress or have concluded.
  • Go beyond a simple one-off transaction.

If you are interested, please email me at susanne.martikke@gmcvo.org.uk (with a cc to geri@communityservicelearning.ca )with a few brief details about the partnership you are/were involved in. We could then explore whether it would be possible to include you in the study. It is envisaged that one person representing the university side and one person representing the community side will be interviewed. Interviews typically last up to 2 hours and can be scheduled at convenient times and places.

The research findings will inform the creation of a learning resource for existing and aspiring partners, as well as form part of a broader ESRC-funded research project into the context for civic engagement (Inspire project).

I look forward to hearing from you,

Susanne Martikke, Researcher

Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation ‘Supporting voluntary action in Greater Manchester since 1975′

Manchester, M12 6FZ


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