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CACSL – Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning

Leaf iconThe Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning (CACSL) is a member-driven, voluntary organization of faculty members, students, and community members, and other partners and sponsors dedicated to the growth and development of community service-learning practices in Canada.  Learn more at our main website.

Blog administrators

  • Geri Briggs – Currently the Director of CACSL, Geri has worn or currently wears several other hats for the community, university and government of Canada.  Geri coordinates all the resources and people involved with CACSL.  
    • Blog roles: Geri initially set up CACSL pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, encourages contributions, and contributes information on behalf of CACSL.  Geri supports Tania in decisions about blog technologies and structure and integration with the CACSL website. Geri also gets copies of incoming Blog Comment/Contribute Form submissions so that she can chip in when needed and get a sense of what’s going on.
  • Tania Smith- CACSL Co-webmaster (assisting Geri). Former CACSL Steering Committee member 2007-2011. CF:ICE research project collaborator. Assistant Professor of Communications Studies at the University of Calgary since 2002.
    • Blog roles: Tania installed and drafted this blog. She created our CACSL “leaf” logos in 2011, and occasionally contributes blog content.  Her role as Blog admin is to ensure that the blog works as well as it can technologically, and that blog communication gets to editors and subscribers in a smooth and timely manner.

Blog editorial team

BBC WM skin cancer interviewWe would like to invite volunteers to help with 1) eliciting material from our community and discovering material to post, 2) working with authors on their posts prior to publication, and 3) working on copyediting, formatting and proofreading, and ensuring compliance with copyright and online standards of attribution.  If you are interested, please contact us.
  • Nancy Van Styvendale – (information coming soon)

Past and Present Contributors

Catching up on e-mail...The profiles of all our blog post authors can be found by clicking on their icons associated with a post’s title. You can also find all their avatars/icons at the footer of this blog under “Blog Authors.” Authors are responsible for adding and updating their own Profile information; their “Bio” (if any) will be made publicly viewable.