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Catching up on e-mail...As a volunteer-run organization, we depend on you for much of our Blog content: you are a potential CACSL blog post author! Below, we provide information on the content we are looking for, whether it’s information about an Event, an Announcement you’d like to make, or an informative or persuasive Article.  Learn about the editorial process from submission to publication. When you’re ready to submit your idea or draft, use one of these forms:


This category contains information about events: announcements of upcoming events, suggestions for future events, or even articles about events that have recently occurred. Event sub-categories include 1) Local and regional, 2) National, and 3) International based on either the location or the scope of participants.  Other events of a miscellaneous nature are not assigned to sub-categories.  An event may also be linked to more than one category or sub-category. Your event will also be entered on our Calendar by our editors according to your instructions so that you do not need to fill out a separate form to get your calendar information entered. If your announcement has calendar dates associated with it but is not actually an “event” (something that gathers people in a shared time and space for a coordinated activity), it should be placed in the “announcements” category explained below. >>> If you have a post that mainly fits under this category, go to the Event submission form.


This category contains announcements and invitations for opportunities, initiatives, members’ benefits, CACSL organization news, conference invitations, calls for submissions to publications, requests for assistance, jobs and volunteer positions. Subcategories include:
  • CACSL: This sub-category contains announcements of CACSL organization news
  • Opportunities: This sub-category contains invitations for service-learning-related initiatives, awards, and projects
  • Positions: This sub-category contains job announcements and volunteer position announcements.
Other announcements of a miscellaneous nature are not assigned to sub-categories.  A single post may be linked to more than one category or sub-category. Announcements may have one or more calendar entries associated with them, such as application deadlines, but are not advertising events per se. >>> If you have a post that mainly fits under this category, go to the Announcement submission form.


Posts in this category make our blog personal, practical, timely, and thoughtful, and provide a way to share successes and gain wider publicity than your local venue.  This category contains magazine-like profiles of service-learning courses, community partners, instructors, students, and community members.
  • Issues: This intellectual sub-category contains commentary and debates on how service-learning is being impacted by, or can have an impact on, social and political issues and recent events.  Articles may refer to events in the news.
  • Perspectives: Philosophical/definitional positions and opinions on service-learning as well as commentary on the perspectives of others. May provide conceptual diagrams, lists of features, pros and cons.
  • Profiles: This sub-category contains profiles of people, programs, and local initiatives: their stories, challenges, and accomplishments.  Our movement is advanced as a whole by the additional publicity and individuals and programs receive some well-deserved limelight.
  • How-to: Articles offering service-learning tips, advice and examples, or articles that spur reflection and problem-solving by posing practical challenges and questions faced during service-learning activities. You may provide illustrative narratives and testimonies from experience.  Well-cited quotes and paraphrases from other people’s works may help to support some assertions or explain underlying concepts.
Other Articles that don’t fit with these categories will be categorized under “Articles” in general. A single post may be linked to more than one category or sub-category. Research articles are usually  published in academic or professional journals or books, but may also be announced here when they appear in publication, or even attached as files if copyright permits. >>> If you have a post to submit that mainly fits under this category, go to the Article submission form. If you have questions about which category your post falls under, or want to just suggest an idea before writing up the post, please contact us at any time.