Nat Checking the ShotThe majority of images used on this blog are from Flickr, a massive user-generated database of images.  We display only images that are provided with Creative Commons license permissions.  These images are embedded in the blog according to Flickr’s policies.  If you hover over the image, you will receive the image’s title and author.  If you click on these images, you will be taken to their original location on Flickr.  An example is shown to the right. Other images on this site that do not originate from Flickr are also likely to be copyrighted, so please use them with care.
  • Images published on various pages of the CACSL website
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Header Images

Header images, with the exception of the CACSL logo, are from Flickr with Creative Commons licenses for commercial reuse and remixing. Image 1 IMG_8586-9 Image 2 08-sep-08 Image 3 Hope in Grass